Shambala Aftershave

Shambala Aftershave

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Time for a serious one, so dim the lights. This company's style has always been an ode to my father. He passed away in October 2013, and almost a year to the day later, Folsom & Co. made its first sale. In fact, a lot of these aftershaves are named after my family, or him specifically. Black Powder was the street in Folsom I grew up on. Capri was the location of last vacation we took as a family. Shady Past was the name of the boat we had growing up as kids.

Similarly, Shambala is named for the Three Dog Night song of the same name. My favorite song from my dad's favorite band. The first time you put this on, as you're getting ready for the day, or a night out, play that song and think about your dad.

Yuzu, Lemon, Vetiver, Blue Lotus

Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Fragrance, Menthol

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