Capri Aftershave

Capri Aftershave

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Ahhhhhh. Smell that? The smell of the Italian South Coast. You look out your window to see rock formations jutting out of the Gulf of Napoli, Sorrento on the horizon.

Look right and see a beautiful Italian woman sipping wine and reading a book on her balcony. Look left and see a hairy Italian man eating olives and waving with that creepy grin you've seen far too many times since moving here. You'll be him one day, but not today, because you're wearing Capri.

Today, you're still you, but on vacation. You're you, but on one of those bright spring days with a slight breeze that makes everything smell wonderful. You're you, but the version you lie to yourself about to make yourself feel some slim semblance of self-worth.

Live it up, you.

Sweet Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary, Rose

Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Fragrance, Menthol

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